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Deciding to seek help from a therapist can be complicated. Selecting the “right” therapist can be tricky. And often the decision to do so is made reluctantly, after many unsuccessful attempts at managing difficulty on one’s own. I hope the information I’ve provided will help you to determine if perhaps we might be a good fit. Whether we end up working together or whether you seek help elsewhere, best of luck on your journey towards well-being!


Life comes crashing down on us all at some point. It is entirely possible to find happiness again and get yourself back to where you want to be.


Over the last 16 years, I have helped people with a wide range of problems. My services are ideal for those struggling with depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationship issues, career obstacles, grief and loss, life transitions, and the demands and challenges of everyday life. In therapy we examine thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that aren’t working and identify more adaptive or functional responses that help you to adjust to life's changes.


If you are looking for a therapist in California I am a Licensed psychologist providing individual psychotherapy virtually using a HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform. Please note my practice is currently limited to working with adults.

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